Toys Patati Potato Where to buy

It is so cool to have the opportunity to own toys and accessories unique to idols and favorite characters.Not all celebrities create a product line to cheer the fans, so for those who do, we owe our respect and enjoy the purchase of these products to provide a joy of spirit.All children covet at least one Patati Patatá toy, a pair that is famous for being made up of the two funniest and funniest clowns in Brazil.

In addition to doing various shows, participating in parties and having a program on the SBT Television network, Patati Patatá has created a line of products to delight the child who admires their work.On the website of the pair you will find links to hire them for personal parties, purchase concert tickets and also a virtual store with all the products offered.Here are some Patati Patatá toys that can also be viewed and purchased by clicking here:

Water Spear Patati Patatá: for hot summer days and to fight with your friends nothing better than a good pistol that throws water at great distances and better yet, for a very low price of only $ 34.90.

Set of Patati Patatá Beach:when visiting the beach you can not miss a complete set of tools to play in the sand, with little birds, pazinhas, sieve, irrigator and ways to make your own castles and what comes in mind with sand Beach.The value of this is $ 24.90 and contains a total of 6 pieces.

Patati Patatá Massager Set:Create and model various objects and figures using your imagination and the set of quality and colorful marbles.Make your moments more creative and joyful by buying this set for only $ 9.99.

Corda Pula-Pula Patati Patatá:how about spending good moments in the famous and oldest pula rope jigsaw ?!With this you can jump rope alone and make competitions among your friends and for only $ 14.99.

Go and Come Patati Patatá:the famous come and go was made for those children who still maintains the old custom of fun jokes.Play with some little friend and see who has more strength sending the “come and go” as far as possible.The value of this is $ 13.99.

Puzzle “Didactic Cubes” Patati Patatá:stimulate your intelligence, motor coordination and attention by setting up fun jigsaw puzzles composed of 9 cubes that allow you to assemble a total of 6 jigsaw puzzles. Suitable for children from 3 years. Buy this product by paying only R $ 39,90.

Lousa Patati Patatá:playing school with your friends, drawing and writing is even easier with this funky board that comes with a special pen and eraser. Have fun learning only paying R $ 41,90.

These products and other products can be purchased at the site mentioned above.To read more information on the duo, get to know the work of the clowns better, check the schedule of shows, hire them for events, check the gallery of photos and videos and much more just access the website of the duo at our site.