Travel to Portugal

A hiking holiday with Tourist Travel to beautiful Madeira will provide memories for life

At Tourist Travel, we offer exciting and differently active trips to Portugal and Madeira. Experience the little natural gem off the coast of Lisbon on foot, and get around the whole island in just one week. Madeira offers absolutely fantastically varied nature, from lava cliffs to fog forests and open landscapes with cultivated arable land. The coastlines are extremely beautiful and offer a beautiful view of the great Atlantic Ocean.

Portugal makes up one half of the Iberian Peninsula, while Spain makes up the other. On a trip to Portugal, you are between 10.5 million inhabitants, of which about half a million live in the capital Lisbon. Portugal includes a number of breathtaking islands, including Madeira which is a stone’s throw from the capital Lisbon.

At Tourist Travel, we offer trips to Portugal, which among other things take you on a hike on the Portuguese island of Madeira. With Tourist Travel you can go hiking in the island’s lush volcanic landscape, where you will have ample opportunity to dip your toes in natural springs along the way, while enjoying the fantastic panoramic views.

Weather and climate in Portugal

The large altitude difference in Portugal means that the climate varies more than what one would expect from a country the size of Portugal. With an average temperature of 13-18 degrees all year round, Portugal is one of the warmest countries in Europe. There is therefore a good chance of having a warm and sunny trip to Portugal.

Portugal and Madeira are located in the subtropical climate belt, which typically means hot summers and mild winters on trips to Portugal. Despite the subtropical climate, in the northeastern part of the country in the mountains you can experience severe frost and snow-capped mountain peaks for several months of the winter.


Cities to experience in Portugal

Porto da Cruz

When traveling to Portugal and Madeira, do not deceive yourself for a visit to the city of Porto da Cruz. The city, which is the starting point for walks around Madeira, is a small charming fishing village where you can, among other things, enjoy an afternoon on the coal-black sandy beaches.

When you visit the city on trips to Portugal, go and explore one of the city’s last sugar mills, which is used to make the local sugar drink ‘Poncha’. If you love wine, visit one of the local wineries where they produce the dry wine known as ‘vinho seco’.


Santana is a small town on the northeastern part of the island, known for its small colorful triangular thatched houses dating back to the 16th century. In the city, on trips to Portugal you can also experience the Madeira theme park, where young and old can get an insight into the island’s history and traditions.

On trips to Portugal, you will find around Santana some of Madeira’s most beautiful hiking routes, where you can experience small charming orchards and vineyards and a panoramic view of the entire east coast of the island.


If you are traveling past Madeira on trips to Portugal, you will not miss Funchal, which is the island’s charming capital. The city is surrounded by mountains and a picturesque bay, which makes it one of the most beautiful on the island.

If you visit Funchal on trips to Portugal, set aside time to explore the city’s ancient churches or the many historical museums. It is also a must to taste the local cuisine. Do not deceive yourself for a bite or two of the traditional fennel dessert ‘rebu├žados de funcho’.


When traveling to Portugal, it is difficult to get around the country’s beautiful capital Lisbon. Today, the city is a trendy hotspot and attraction for many expats who benefit from the low cost of living.

Lisbon is known for its many charming narrow alleys, which you can move up on foot or with one of the city’s distinctive yellow trams. If you love markets, then do not miss Feira Da Ladra on trips to Portugal, which is Lisbon’s largest flea market.


Most people who have considered visiting Porto on trips to Portugal have most likely seen the beautiful pictures of the city from the water’s edge. Here, colorful stands stand side by side, forming Porto’s winding alleys.

The people of Porto are known for their relaxed lifestyle, where there is no rush when it comes to enjoying coffee or reading the newspaper. When visiting Porto on trips to Portugal, set aside all the haste and explore the winding alleys while visiting some of the locals’ much-loved bookstores.


If you want to visit both Lisbon and Porto on your travels to Portugal, then do not deceive yourself for a visit to the city of Coimbra, which is located halfway. The city is often overshadowed by Lisbon and Porto, which is a shame as it is full of both charm and history.

Coimbra is one of Portugal’s oldest cities and was the capital of Portugal for over 100 years. On trips to Portugal you can explore the old town. Sit down in the botanical garden with a cold drink or take a boat trip on the river and see the historic city from the water side.

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