Travel with Hiking in the Alps

There are plenty of opportunities to go hiking in the European Alps. The 1,200 long mountain range winds through France , Italy , Switzerland , Germany , Slovenia and Austria . With our knowledgeable tour guides to guide you, or on your own with a Kipling Travel as your lifeline, we pave the way for an alpine adventure.

A trip with hiking in the Alps can take many forms: Let the majority of the trip go by train to Venice, strap on your hiking boots and move around the grassy meadows of Bavaria, or pack the extras and embark on an adrenaline-filled journey to the top of Mont Blanc.

Where should the trip go?

Hiking in the Italian Alps

Get on the train at home, which takes you through the flat landscape, and experience how the surroundings change quickly when the light rail arrives at the uneven Alps. The train takes you all the way to Venice, where a fantastic city walk awaits.

If you want to feel the buzz of adrenaline in your body, the Italian Alps can also be something for you. In Italy’s bite of the Alps lies both the 4,061 meter high Gran Paradiso and part of the well-known Mont Blanc. Join us on a hike to some of the Alps’ most famous peaks.

It takes good fitness and an extra dose of adventure to climb the steep alpine sides, but we dare to guarantee that the unforgettable and unique experience is worth every step. Traveling to Italy with hiking in the Alps is great!

Hiking in the French Alps

Travel with hiking in the French Alps is most often linked to our trips to Mont Blanc – and with good reason! Europe’s highest mountain is unique. Both those who seek to the top and those who wander around this historic part of the Alps, get a memory for life to take home.

Mont Blanc rises 4,807 meters. Climbing Mont Blanc is therefore not for everyone. The journey to the tops requires training and good fitness. Our travel guides who take this trip with you, have done it countless times. You are therefore in good and safe hands.

But Mont Blanc is not just getting seasoned mountaineers. If you just want a trip with hiking in the French part of the Alps, the destination can easily be the same. The surroundings around Europe’s highest mountain are at least as amazing.

Hiking in the Swiss Alps

The hiking trails in the Swiss Alps are probably the most trodden. If you want a trip with hiking in the Alps, our Alpina Trek could be the right trip for you. Here we cross fantastic mountain passes and let the road lead us past glaciers and breathtaking panoramic views.

Hiking in the Alps of Switzerland shows you the way past some of the Alps’ most amazing mountains; Eiger, Jungfrau and Mönch. You can also visit the cozy mountain village, Grindelwald.

Nature is worth the whole trip. We enjoy the view of the rushing Trümmelbach waterfalls and cross beautiful Swiss meadows. Part of our journey goes by cable car to the mountain village of Mürren. Hiking holidays in the Swiss Alps are a varied and eventful experience.

Hiking in the German Alps

You do not have to be far from home before the Alps begin to meander through the countryside. Along the southern German border there are plenty of opportunities to go on holiday hiking in the Alps. With us in the back pocket, for example, the hike can go to Bavaria – a true paradise for all who love nature.

From Bad Tölz we have laid out a spectacular route which takes seven days to complete. The route takes you from the fantastic trails of the Alps to mountain towns, green meadows and large lakes, all of which are located in the famous Bavarian area of ​​southern Germany.

Among the peaks of the German Alps, the Zugspitze in particular stands out from the crowd. The Zugspitze is with its 2,962 meters Germany’s highest mountain. Our hiking route takes you around the foot of the mountain, where fantastic nature and cozy small villages unfold.

Hiking in the Austrian Alps

On your trip to Austria, there is hardly a time when you cannot glimpse the Alps in the distance. The high peaks adorn the Austrian landscape in all directions. The routes in the Austrian Alps are many. Here is ample opportunity for hiking in the alpine landscape.

One of our most popular hiking trips in the Alps near Austria is the Trans Tyrol route. The trip takes you from Garmisch-Parterkirchen in Germany and all the way to Innsbruck in beautiful Austria in just 7 days.

On this hike we round out the 1,750 meter high Höllentalklamm, the 1,866 meter high Schachenhaus and the 1,750 meter high Halleranger Alm. At these heights, the view is absolutely irresistible. There is plenty to look forward to.

Hiking in the Swiss Alps

Questions and answers

How long are the Alps?

The Alps are a mountain range that stretches over 1,200 kilometers. The Alps cover a total area of ​​approximately 176,000 km2.

What is the highest point in the Alps?

The highest point in the Alps is to be found at the top of the mountain, Mont Blanc. Mont Blanc has an altitude of 4,808 meters above sea level, which also makes it Europe’s highest mountain. The second highest points in the Alps are Monte Rosa (4,634 masl) and Dom (4,545 masl).

How many countries does the Alps pass through?

The Alps meander through six European countries; France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Slovenia and Austria. In the latter country, the Alps dominate and occupy as much as 62% of the landscape.

Can everyone hike in the Alps?

Yes, anyone can hike in the Alps. There are routes for everyone. However, it is important that you choose your hiking route carefully so that you are sure that your journey of hiking in the Alps will be a success. Anything else would be a shame as the beauty of the Alps can be enjoyed in so many different ways.

Where do you sleep in the Alps?

When traveling with hiking in the Alps, you will often experience having to spend the night in the heights. This is no problem, as the Alps are full of small mountain villages and cozy cottages. At Kipling Travel, we have a large network, including lots of partners who provide accommodation in the Alps.