Traxxas Healthy RC Toys and Definitions


Brand Facts:

Traxxas is the world’s top brand manufacturing hobby-class, high-performance radio-controlled cars, trucks, boats, helicopters and other accessories utilizing both nitro and electric power.

Their products are of innovative and cutting-edge designs  for their excellent performance and high efficiency, and they are most famous for the world’s fastest ready-to-race models.

Main Categories:

Electric, nitro, heli, marine, batteries, chargers, legacy, accessories, engines, speed controls, motors, servos, tires & wheels, transmitters, telemetry


Time and place: 1986, US

Early products: R/C car

Headquarter Location:

McKinney, TX, US

Store Locations:

US and worldwide

Traxxas RC Toys

Price Range:

RC vehicles: USD72.99-USD900

Official Website: