Walt Disney and Toys “R” Us Held Their Own Controls in Toys

Several have been alerting about dangers locked into toys during the last few months, companies like Mattel have been forced to withdraw thousands of different toys that had been processed in China, the cause was lead, a toxic component that was in the painting used in the decoration of toys.

There is a Spanish proverb that says, if you see your neighbor’s beard skin, put yours to soak. Companies such as Walt Disney or Toys “r” Us indicated that they will do their own quality controls in order to ensure the safety of toys, What does this mean?, what before did not?. What could infer is that previously not performed detailed and comprehensive controls that correspond to a product that is intended for children, but the reality is that these companies do not produce toys.
Walt Disney for example, charged for the license that allowed various jugueteros manufacturers use its characters to make the toys. This is something which may affect fully this company since its characters can be subject to faulty manipulation with disastrous consequences for children and also for the company, above all by the image.

To avoid this type of problems, both companies will be responsible for its own controls on toys related to its image, this new action will represent a huge economic outlay, since if they want to do things right, they must supervise all toys that are made in the world under his name.