What I Do with The Toys That My Child Already Not Usa? Share and Recycle

The arrival of the summer is a good time to make cleaning of toys at home, an ideal occasion to separate those that are broken or that the children have left sections at the bottom of a trunk. But, What to do with the toys that my son is no longer used? Easy, share and recycle.

The Foundation grow playing, RNE and Toys ‘R’ Us, together with other entities, have launched a joint initiative that seeks to give a second life to toys by donation of those that are in good condition and the recycling of those who do not.

For ten days, of the 20 to June 29 will be set up collection points of toys in 50 stores of Toys ‘R’ Us located throughout the national territory.

Where will these toys go? They will be sent to a processing center where are classified among those who may be directly donated and those who, by their bad state, will be sent to reprocessing for recycling centres.

Thus, toys that are in good condition are sent to Red Cross which will distribute them among their projects for children and young people in social difficulties such as playgrounds, children’s centres, reception floors, centres of social mediation, care to hospitalized children, or at home with diseases of long duration.

I find it a very interesting campaign, both by supportive end value that promotes children. Of raising awareness about the importance of sharing toys that no longer use, not as a way to remove junk off, but giving to others.

You can make the selection of toys together and take the child to deliver them in collection points. At home we are already in it.